1. To have confidence selling your car

When people buy a vehicle private party, they are looking for that diamond in the rough. A vehicle that is in better condition than the dealership cars but at a great price. When you can boldly put the words “SUPER CLEAN” on your craigslist ad, you can feel confident selling your vehicle at a premium private party price. You are already going to be less expensive than the dealers so make every effort to make the vehicle as perfect as possible to help close the deal at your top price. Check out our detailing services here.

2. Buyers want a clean car

Buying a used vehicle is a little bit nerve-wracking. People are trying to get a deal, but they wonder if there is something “wrong” with the car. Has the oil been changed? Has it been driven super hard? How did this seller treat this vehicle? A clear, shiny vehicle immediately puts the buyer at ease by showing you took great pride in caring for your vehicle and they are buying a gem of a car or truck. Check out our ceramic coating services here.

3. Don’t give them a reason to say no

Stains in the carpets, brown, faded headlights, chips in the paint, a scrape down the driver’s door. Every little issue with your vehicle gives the customer another reason to think “Maybe there is a better car down the road…” Make your vehicle stand out by dealing with all the nicks, chips, scratches, and stains in advance so they are super impressed and ready to make a deal. Check out our pain correction services here.