Dominic Scott

Exterior Wash

Quick, Clean and Professional

  • Hand Washed

  • Hand Dried

  • 30 to 60 Minutes

  • Must Schedule First

Includes a hand wash of your vehicle using foam cannon and microfiber wash mitt, hand dried using soft microfiber towel and warm pressurized air.

Takes about 30-60 minutes. Must be scheduled – not a drop in service.

Dominic Scott

Maintenance Detail

Quick Pick-Me Up for Clean Vehicles

  • Hand Washed

  • Vacuumed

  • Wipe Down of Seats, Doors, Dash

  • Clean Interior and Exterior Windows

This detail is for vehicles that are in amazing shape and are detailed and cleaned on a regular basis. This is not a true “detail” but more of a quick pick-me up for very clean vehicles.

Includes hand wash, vacuum, quick-wipe down of seats / doors / dash, clean interior/exterior windows.


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