Clear bra is a sought-after service offered at our auto detailing shop in Colorado Springs. It is becoming increasingly popular among car, truck and SUV owners who want to protect the exterior of their vehicles from scratches, chips, and other forms of damage. This service involves applying a transparent film to vulnerable areas of the car, such as the front bumper, hood, and side panels. This nearly invisible shield provides a durable barrier against road debris, UV rays, and environmental factors.

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Best Paint Protective Film on the Market

XPEL continues their tradition of excellent automotive products with nearly invisible Paint Protective Film (aka Clear Bra for Cars) that will have your vehicle protected for years to come. All Auto PPF comes with 10 year warranty.

All your research ends here. We found the best paint protection film in the industry. XPEL is above and beyond all the competition. Watch the 2 minute video below to understand why.

Clear Bra Pricing

“Big shoutout to the group at Springs Detailing! They did an amazing job on my Tesla. I went with them after seeing the fantastic job they did on my sisters car. They went over different options and the pros and cons of each and were very helpful and honest in the decision making process. I ended up going with the Colorado PPF and clear bra package. They even did an amazing job on repairing paint chips and paint correction. It came out better than new from the factory! I highly recommend them for any detailing needs.” ~ Alex T.

Truck with Partial Front End Coverage Clear Bra

Partial Front End Coverage

This is an adequate protection package that covers the areas on your vehicle most likely to be damage during normal driving. We meticulously install XPEL PPF on the front bumper, 20 inches of your hood, fender tips, and mirror backs.

BMW with Full Front End Coverage

Full Front End Coverage

Continuing where the Partial package ends, this full front protection package provides additional protection. Covering the full hood, fenders, front bumper, mirrors, headlights this package is ready to take on the Colorado winters.

BMW with The Colorado Package

The Colorado Package

Colorado roads are tough. This package covers the full hood, fenders, front bumper, mirror backs, headlights, and rocker panels (8-12 inches along the bottom of each side) and A-Pillars, this package is ready for whatever that dump truck with no mud flaps has to kick up on the interstate.

Audi With Full Vehicle Coverage Clear Bra

Full Vehicle Coverage

This is the premiere full vehicle protection package. We meticulously install XPEL PPF on every painted body panel of you vehicle giving you peace of mind no matter where the road takes you. Also available in Xpel Stealth.

I25 Package — Good protection at a good value. Gets the front of your hood, your fender tips and mirrors. Starts at $350. REQUEST INFORMATION

Clear Bra / PPF can also be purchased a la carte and we can customize a package that fits your vehicle, protecting the most vulnerable area.

Stealth PPF is for full vehicle coverage and usually includes an up charge of $1000 to $2500

Stealth Clear Bra Upgrade

Stealth Clear Bra — $700-$2500 upgrade on full Clear Bra packages REQUEST INFORMATION

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does clear bra cost?

The cost of clear bra installation varies depending on factors such as the size of the vehicle, the areas to be covered, and the quality of the film. Prices start at $900 for partial front end coverage all the way up to $12000 for full vehicle coverage. For a more accurate quote, or to schedule an appointment, contact us.

Does paint protection film protect against scratches?

Yes, paint protection film offers excellent defense against light scratches. It acts as a sacrificial layer, absorbing minor abrasions that would otherwise mar your car’s paint. However, deep scratches may still penetrate the film.

Will it protect against rock chips?

You betcha! Clear bra is highly effective at shielding your vehicle from rock chips. Its durable, impact-resistant surface absorbs and disperses the force of small stones and debris, keeping your paint pristine, even on Colorado’s rocky mountain roads.

Is paint protection film visible on the car?

When properly installed by Springs Detailing in Colorado Springs, paint protection film is nearly invisible. It’s designed to be ultra-clear, preserving your car’s original appearance while providing unseen protection.

Does clear bra yellow over time?

With advancements in technology, modern clear bra films such as XPEL are designed to resist yellowing and discoloration. XPEL films installed by professionals, like those offered at Springs Detailing, maintain their clarity and transparency over time.

How long does it last?

With proper care, clear bra can last 5 to 10 years. Some premium brands, such as XPEL, even offer warranties up to 10 years. Regular maintenance and avoiding harsh chemicals can extend its lifespan, protecting your car for many Colorado seasons. At Springs Detailing, all of our PPF films come with a 10 year warranty.

What areas of the car should I get covered with clear bra?

The most common areas to cover with clear bra include the front hood, fenders, bumper, side mirrors, door edges, and rocker panels. These areas are more prone to rock chips, scratches, and other road debris damages. In efforts of protecting your entire vehicle, you’ll need the Full Vehicle Coverage package.

Can I wash and wax my car with clear bra?

Yes, you can wash and wax your car as usual. Use pH-neutral car soap and avoid abrasive materials. Many car waxes are safe for use on clear bra, enhancing its glossy appearance and adding an extra layer of protection.

Will this service increase the resale value of my car?

While clear bra doesn’t directly increase resale value, it helps maintain your car’s appearance over time. A well-preserved exterior can make your vehicle more attractive to potential buyers, potentially commanding a better price in the Colorado Springs market.

Can clear bra be removed without damaging the paint?

When professionally removed, clear bra shouldn’t damage your car’s paint. Skilled technicians use specialized techniques and tools to safely remove the film. However, improper removal can risk paint damage, so it’s best to trust experts.

Should I get Paint Protection Film on a new car?

Absolutely! Applying clear bra to a new car is ideal. It preserves that showroom shine from day one, protecting your investment against the wear and tear of Colorado Springs’ varied weather and road conditions.

Does self-healing PPF actually work?

Yes, self-healing paint protection film is effective. When exposed to heat (like sunlight or warm water), minor swirl marks and light scratches on the film’s surface disappear. This feature helps maintain a flawless appearance longer, especially useful in Colorado’s sunny climate.

Can I install it myself?

While DIY kits are available, installing Clear Bra yourself isn’t recommended. Professional installation ensures proper alignment, bubble-free application, and seamless edges. Experts have the right tools and skills to handle tricky areas like curved surfaces and front bumpers. Save yourself the headache and let a pro do it right the first time.

Is PPF self-healing?

Yes, many modern Clear Bra products have self-healing properties. This means minor scratches and swirl marks can disappear with the application of heat. Where temperature swings are common, your car’s Clear Bra might even heal itself on a warm, sunny day. This feature helps keep your vehicle looking fresh and protected for years.

Clear Bra vs. Ceramic Coating: Which is right for me?

Both offer protection, but they work differently. Clear Bra is a physical barrier that guards against rock chips and debris – perfect for Colorado Springs’ mountain roads. Ceramic coating provides chemical protection against UV rays and makes cleaning easier. For maximum protection, choose both: Clear Bra on high-impact areas and ceramic coating over the entire car. For more in-depth information about this question, read this article.

Does it affect the car’s warranty?

Generally, Clear Bra doesn’t void your car’s warranty. It’s designed to protect your car’s original paint, which manufacturers appreciate. However, always check your specific warranty terms or ask your local dealership to be sure. Remember, proper installation by a certified professional is key to avoiding any warranty issues.

Are there any clear bras with a matte finish?

Yes, matte finish clear bras exist! They’re perfect for:

  1. Cars with factory matte paint jobs
  2. Vehicles wrapped in matte vinyl
  3. Drivers who prefer a less shiny look

Matte clear bras offer the same protection as glossy ones, but with a subtle, low-sheen appearance. They’re great for maintaining a stealthy or understated look while still shielding your paint.

What are clear bras made of?

They are typically made of:

  1. Thermoplastic urethane (TPU): This is often the main ingredient, providing flexibility and durability. However, XPEL Ultimate uses elastomeric polyurethane for a longer lasting application, without the yellowing or discoloring often encountered with cheaper alternatives.
  2. Clear coat layer: Helps resist stains and gives the film its shine.
  3. Adhesive backing: Allows the film to stick to your car’s paint.

These materials combine to create a tough, nearly invisible shield that protects against rock chips, bug splatter, and minor scratches.


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