In the world of paint correction, nothing is more difficult than an older gloss black vehicle.  Especially when the paint has been treated badly with improper washing.  A few years back we had a customer come in from La Junta with a 2010 Camaro he had just purchased.  The vehicle had some of the worst paint I have ever seen.

It looked like it had been washed with dirty brillo pads and dried with thorn bushes.  The paint was EXTREMELY scratched.   

Camaro Restoration

We did a thorough wash and clay bar treatment like we do on every vehicle.  Then we started the paint correction, cutting and polishing the vehicle for about 12 hours!!!

When we finished we coated it with a ceramic coating.  The pictures posted with this show a good before / after of this vehicle.  

If you have an older vehicle with lots of scratches and swirls, HAVE NO FEAR!  We specialize in this and can make your paint like new again!