Paint Protective Film (also called Clear Bra) is a clear film placed over parts of a vehicle’s paint to prevent chipping from rocks and gravel.

Here are 5 reasons to protect your car or truck with XPEL Ultimate Plus, the best paint protective film in the industry.

  1. XPEL Ultimate Plus comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty against peeling and fading.
  2. In Colorado, gravel and small rocks are a constant problem and often ruin the front part of a vehicle’s paint, often within the first few months of driving.  XPEL plastic film prevents chipping of the paint on exposed areas because it flexes when the chips hit it.
  3. Self-healing properties in XPEL Ultimate Plus cause the film to heal when it gets hot in the sun meaning light scratches go away.
  4. It is much easier to replace a piece of clear bra than to get a paint job.  In parking lots, when you scrape your front bumper against a pole or shopping cart, the film will take much of the damage.
  5. If you sell your vehicle in the future, simply remove the areas with the film for a PERFECT finish underneath to get more money for your used car or truck.