Dominic Scott

An American Veteran and his team, with their eye for detail and passion for cars.

Springs Detailing is a luxury detail shop in CO Springs.

The owner, OJ, has specialized in Paint Correction and Paint Touch Up for almost 16 years, working for luxury car dealerships and private owners. Now he is giving his time and energy to serving private owners and providing them the same services he has given to car dealerships for years.

The entire crew at Springs Detailing is passionate about how cars look, especially the paint. We get our satisfaction from seeing the look on an owner’s face when he or she just “can’t believe” how good their car looks.

Dominic Scott

Springs Detailing is a Veteran owned business located in Motor City.

20 Years Experience of Paint Correction and Touch Up

That means we specialize in all the hundreds of little things that separate “good enough” from “as good as new.” We charge more than a speedy car wash with a 45 minute detail because our services are different, our processes more precise, our end goal is higher. We have a small crew and a manager inspects every car front to back, top to bottom, before it is delivered.

Dominic Scott

One of the biggest reasons that people buy a new car is that they are dissatisfied with how their old car looks or feels. Its paint looks faded and scratched or the inside seems dirty and smelly. A quick clean up from a local car wash crew of teenagers is not going to transform your car.

Springs Detailing exists to restore your car’s image…

…first of all to you the owner and secondly to everyone who sees it or sits in it. If you love your car, if you want to keep it forever, if you want it to always look good, come into Springs Detailing, get a luxury detail, get your paint and leather protected, get your chips and scratches touched up and fall in love with your car again.


We make beautiful cars, beautiful again!

Whether its paint correction and paint touch up or paint protection with PPF and Ceramic, we can help your car go the distance!