Gold Detail

Clean, Fresh, and a Luxury Touch

  • Remove all interior trash / bag up interior valuables
  • Vacuum and blow out interior sand and dirt
  • Clean up all floor mats
  • Hand wipe down of all interior surfaces/panels/instruments
  • Clean windows.
  • Spray and wipe out door jambs
  • Dress all interior surfaces
  • Hand Wash and Rinse of Exterior
  • Cleaning of wheels including removal of brake dust/grime
  • Cleaning windows and exterior mirrors
  • Spray wax/sealant with 2-3 month protection and shine

Sports Car /



Midsize /



Truck /
Full Size




Make your Detail a GOLD PLUS.  ADD any item from the LIST BELOW to any GOLD DETAIL for only $30 for each additional service.  Our Platinum Detail includes ALL of the add-ons and more.
        • Steam Cleaning of Cracks and Crevices of All Panels
        • Carpet Shampoo
        • Seat Shampoo
        • Clay Bar the Paint
        • 6 month Paint Sealant
        • Headliner Steam Clean
        • Polish all Glass to Make Clean and Invisible
        • Super Protection Serum on All Vinyl and Leather
        • Engine Cleaning

Extremely Dirty/Caked Interiors will have an extra charge

Details are by Appointment Only Please Call Ahead to Schedule

Platinum Auto Detail (Interior and Exterior)

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Touch Up

Paint Touch Up is ART.
We’ve been perfecting
this art for 14 years.

Paint Touch Up


Cars with scratches and swirls in the paint need paint correction.

Paint Correction


9H Super Hydrophobic
A 3 year/ 150 car wash
ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating

Your Car Is Worth It!

All of our detail packages are extremely thorough.  You can guarantee this will be a top of the line detail for your car.  If you have light scratches and swirls in your paint, take a look at the paint correction section.  And if you want to protect your paint and keep a high gloss shine for years look into getting a ceramic coating.

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