Diamond Detailing

Perfection and Protection

The Diamond Detail includes everything from our Platinum Detail plus:

  • Intensive Paint Correction / Paint Touch Up of Major scratches
  • Chip Repair for Hoods and Bumpers
  • Basic Paint Touch Up Along Door Edges and Other Areas
  • A light polishing of windows to remove all particles / water spots on the surface
  • A 1 year light duty Ceramic Sealant applied to all exterior surfaces
  • Nano Protectant Applied to Leather Surfaces
  • UV Protectant Applied to all Vinyl and Plastic
  • Fabric Guard Applied to all Carpets / Fabric Seats

Interior Only

Starts at $399


Exterior Only

Starts at $550

Full Detail

Full Detail

Starts at $800

This detail is the ultimate in paint restoration and vehicle transformation. Please allow 1-2 Full Days for this service. The price of $759 for the full detail applies to most vehicles. Black cars or cars with extreme scratching may require more intensive paint correction and/or paint touch up which may increase the price.

Touch Up

Paint Touch Up is ART.
We’ve been perfecting
this art for 14 years.

Paint Touch Up


Cars with scratches and swirls in the paint need paint correction.

Paint Correction


9H Super Hydrophobic
A 3 year/ 150 car wash
ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating

Your Car Is Worth It!

All of our detail packages are extremely thorough.  You can guarantee this will be a top of the line detail for your car.  If you have light scratches and swirls in your paint, take a look at the paint correction section.  And if you want to protect your paint and keep a high gloss shine for years look into getting a ceramic coating.

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