Dominic Scott

Super Ceramic Coating

The Super Ceramic from Springs Detailing

Extremely special ceramic coating designed with very special cars in mind. Only available on cars with less than 5K miles that have NEVER been buffed before.

The only ceramic in Colorado Springs with 7 layers of ceramic coating on top of a meticulously wet-sanded finish and buffed to remove all factory orange peel.

  • Super Ceramic Club members get 25% off details for their personal cars year round.
  • Super Ceramic Club members receive 10 free hand washes.
  • Super Ceramic Club members can get a 5 year ceramic on a family member car or truck for 50% off within the first year after having their vehicle coated.

Starts at $4500 for coupes.


The entire vehicle is thoroughly hand-washed, chemically decontaminated, and then the paint is brought completely clean by claying it.


All areas of orange peel or paint imperfection are wet-sanded with 2000 grit sand paper and then wet-sanded again with 3000 grit sand paper. Vehicle is inspected under heavy lighting.


The entire vehicle receives 3 step paint correction. Step 1 – Cut out all sand marks with heavy cutting compound. Step 2 – Polish out all compounding marks in the paint. Step 3: Using a finishing polish to bring the paint to perfection. Vehicle is inspected under heavy lighting.


Clean the entire exterior with an alcohol based cleaner to remove all polish oils and residue. Vehicle in inspected for 3rd time under extremely bright lights.


Opti-Coat 3 Lifetime Ceramic is applied to paint with an extra coat of Opticoat3 basecoat for a total of 5 layers. All glass, the headlights, all chrome or plastic trim, vehicle door jambs, and all plastic or metal engine parts also receive a layer of ceramic. Vehicle is inspected under heavy lighting for 4th time and all ceramic high spots are removed.


After first five layers of ceramic have cured for 1 day, Opticoat Pro-Plus is applied over the entire vehicle for layers 6 and 7 of our Super Ceramic. Vehicle is inspected under heavy lighting for any imperfections.


A high quality protective resin is applied to all interior leather or vinyl. Carpets and cloth interior surfaces are coated with interior protectant.


Wheels are removed and the entirety of the wheel, the hub, and the calipers are coated with 3 layers of ceramic coating.


Entire vehicle is rigorously inspected from top to bottom for even the smallest imperfection and is delivered to the customer.

Warning: This ceramic coating is for customers who want the maximum possible attention given to their vehicle’s finish. The paint is unlikely to maintain the beauty of its finish on vehicles being used as daily drivers or vehicles consistently driven in winter weather. The vehicle must receive a once-a-year heavy maintenance chemical wash and maintenance coat costing $350 to maintain the lifetime warranty.


We make beautiful cars, beautiful again!

Whether its paint correction and paint touch up or paint protection with PPF and Ceramic, we can help your car go the distance!