A vehicle that looks clean and immaculate turns heads and raises eyebrows!

You can get that effect with the best car ceramic coating installation in Colorado Springs from the professionals at Springs Detailing.

Ceramic Coating Protects Your Paint Against Harm

You love your car, that’s why you keep it spick and span. But no matter how many different products you use and how careful you are with the cleaning process, swirl marks and dirt deposits never leave your vehicle alone.

What do you do? Well, you get a ceramic coat on your car so none of that happens.

Before you even think about investing in a ceramic coat though, you should learn more about how it works and if it is truly as effective as some people make it seem. A quick Google search for Ceramic Coating installation in Colorado Springs might have turned up a few competitors who claim to do many things. How true are these competing claims? Let’s try to differentiate by first looking at the facts.

Car Ceramic Coating in Colorado Springs, CO

What is Ceramic Coating?
It is a liquid-based polymer that detailers use to cover the car’s exterior. Once you apply the ceramic coat, the polymer sticks to the paint and doesn’t allow any external objects to pass through the layer. In essence, the ceramic coat acts as a shield, protecting the genuine paint from the harmful elements.

Ceramic Coatings are Not Akin to Conventional Wax Polishes or Sealants
The polymer layer does not disintegrate when faced with the heat of the sun, or water. In other words, you don’t need to repeat the process of applying a coat once every few weeks or months.

The Advantages of Applying a Ceramic Coat

The ceramic coat shields your vehicle from all kinds of harm. As a result, your car doesn’t get dirty so easily and it doesn’t require constant cleaning. Moreover, a ceramic coat makes your vehicle look shiny and as good as new, all the time. You only have to put minimal effort in each week.

Interested? You will be when you read the entire list of benefits.

Your car always looks clean
When you apply a high-quality ceramic coating product to your vehicle, the results are extremely good. The hydrophobic layer of coating makes it hard for dust, dirt, or mud to stick to your car. So, you can go rally driving and still not have your vehicle as dirty as others.

It’s Easier to Wash Your Car, Truck or SUV
The ceramic coat’s top layer is slippery and hydrophobic. Both such properties do not allow water to stay in one place for too long. Therefore, when you wash your automobile, the process is quick and time-efficient.

Shields against scratches & scrapes
The ceramic coat shield is designed to be stronger and more effective than regular wax. So, when you apply a ceramic layer, any chances of scratches and scrapes are mitigated to a great extent.

Protects against the Sun’s harmful rays
The sun’s heat and light comes at a cost. We are talking about UV rays and how harmful they are to us and our vehicles. The harmful effects are not evident immediately, but the UV rays help fade the car’s paint and subsequently your car starts to look unattractive. Ceramic coat doesn’t allow any of that from happening.

Your vehicle shines
The ceramic coating layer reflects light quite well. As a result, cars shine under light and look amazing even if they are old.

A long-term solution
Ceramic Coating is the only protective solution out there that provides a wealth of benefits while also being long-lasting. Once you apply the coat, you don’t have to redo it for 7 years! Even after the years have passed, you only pay to redo the process at a fraction of the initial investment. Ceramic Coating does all of this with just one application!

We install ceramic coating for luxury vehicles, exotic cars, sports cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, and more in Colorado Springs, CO.

What Are the Limitations of Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coat can do wonders for your vehicle, however, it is not impenetrable and neither is it a miraculous cure. So, before you think it is indestructible, take a look at some of the limitations of ceramic coating.

Your car is never completely resistant to scratches
The ceramic coating is better than a wax or sealant solution, but it is not an otherworldly protective layer. In other words, you will get limited protection against scratches, scrapes and other elements. However, some may go through, especially rock chips.

Not immune to water-spotting
When a water drop falls, it mixes with dirt and other contaminants on the car’s surface. When the water evaporates, it leaves those contaminants behind, resulting in what we call water spots. Unfortunately, ceramic coats do not protect against such a thing. Although, you will be able to clean these water spots quite easily.

You still have to wash your car, truck or SUV
Ceramic coat can make your vehicle looking like new, but only if you wash and clean your car regularly. It is the surface below the layer that the coating protects. So, whatever deposits you have on the top of that must be cleaned to have the desired effect.

The Truth behind the #1 Myth about Ceramic Coating
We normally see inexperienced people calling ceramic coating as the substitute for paint protection film (PPF). Sometimes, they use the terms collectively like they are synonymous. However, there is no truth to such statements.

A paint protection film and a ceramic coat provide protection against the elements, but the two products are quite different in various aspects. They are similar at the core, however, the end result is slightly different.

Therefore, if you want the best protection for your car, a combination of paint protection film PPF and ceramic coat will do you wonders.

Opticoat Pro Ceramic Coating Features

Designed With PPF In Mind
The Opticoat Pro Ceramic Coating is designed in a way to complement the effects of a PPF. This way you get maximum long-term protection for your car.

Superior Hydrophobic Formula
The hydrophobic and oleo phobic layers in the ceramic coat work together to repel all kinds of liquids and lubricants from your car’s surface. The Fusion Plus coating has that effect on its own, but when coupled with the a PPF, the effects are synergistic.

Protection Against The Elements
FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating was created with car care in mind. Dust and other surface contaminants find it hard to stick to FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating.

Adds Depth, Improves Shine & Surface Clarity
If you want the new car look, FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating can help restore brilliance & improve the visual presentation of your paint.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance
The slippery and shiny layer of FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating keeps your car looking clean all the time. When there are specks of dirt on the surface, all you need to do is wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and your car looks as good as new.

5 Year Warranty
The amazing Opticoat Pro Ceramic Coating will give you no problems for 5 years. If anything happens in that period, you are covered by a warranty.

Ceramic Coating Options in Colorado Springs, CO

Most Colorado Springs ceramic coating shops will offer you a range of coatings that have different lifetime periods. At Springs Detailing, we offer a 5-year warranty on our Opticoat Pro Ceramic Coating. Whether you’re looking for the best Tesla ceramic coating or another vehicle make, the experts at Springs Detailing will work the magic. We offer our services for all makes and models, including sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans.

You can view our pricing options for Ceramic Coating here, or if you would like to speak with a professional, you can call us at (719) 761-5865.