Are you looking to enhance the performance and aesthetic appeal of your vehicle while enjoying the benefits of added privacy and protection from harmful UV rays? In our latest article, we delve into the world of auto window tinting in Colorado Springs. From understanding the window tints laws in Colorado to exploring its numerous advantages, we provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Our team of experts takes pride in delivering flawless window tint installations that not only transform the look of your car, but also improve its functionality.

The Most Professional Window Tint Installation Around

We ensure that our staff is properly educated with all the latest industry practices by providing them with consistent training and guidance. As a result, you can be absolutely confident that we’ll give your car the highest quality window tint that lasts a lifetime.

If you are searching for a way to enhance privacy while driving, or seeking refuge from the sun’s harmful rays, we will be happy to help. Give us a call today to learn more about our window tinting service. Our experts will guide you through every step of the way and answer any questions you might have regarding vehicle window tint application.

What Is The Difference Between Carbon And Ceramic Window Tint?

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that there are two kinds of window tints available on the market. There is currently carbon window tint and ceramic window tint.

The question is, which one is the best? Which one will suit your car and needs?

Let’s find out!

Carbon window tints are the most popular as they provide both privacy and protection against UV rays at an affordable rate. The Carbon product we use is called XPEL Prime CS, with 99% UV Protection and has up to 24% heat rejection. That’s not all! The carbon automotive window tint helps maintain the car’s cabin temperature by blocking heat transfer through radiation.

On the other hand, ceramic window tints are relatively expensive compared to carbon films and provide almost the same benefits. The two products we use for ceramic tint are: 1) Prime XR Black with 99% UV Protection and has up to 85% heat rejection. 2) PRIME XR PLUS with 99% UV Protection and has up to 98% heat rejection.

So, what’s the point of spending more money on a ceramic tint? Well, the ceramic film is more durable, it reduces glare and does a better job of protecting against the sun’s heat and UV rays. These are reasons enough to consider spending the extra few bucks on a ceramic automotive window tint.

However, at the end of the day, the type of window tint you select for your car falls on your preference. We at Springs Detailing outline the benefits and drawbacks of both alternatives, then let you choose the one you like. If you are stuck in the decision process and want extra information on the subject, don’t hesitate to contact us and talk to our experts.

The Practical Benefits of Getting a Window Tint for Your Vehicle

Window tint film can be applied to all the glass surfaces found on your car. The eligible area includes the windows on the doors and back window, as well as the windshield.

But why do you need a window tint? It isn’t only for aesthetic reasons, there are actual benefits to applying automotive window tint:

Safeguard the Interior

The UV rays emitted by the sun here in Colorado Springs are not only harmful to human beings, but they can also prove dangerous for your vehicle. The rays can damage the interior and also increase the cabin temperature significantly. A professional window tint prevents this by restricting the flow of UV rays to your car’s interior.

Enhance Privacy

Window tints allow you to look out while making it difficult for others to see in. And that makes it increasingly harder for anyone to see valuables left inside your car.

Reduce Glare

Glare is your biggest enemy while driving at night or on sunny days. It can result in an uncomfortable experience for the driver, which must be avoided at all costs. A window tint prevents glare and promotes clearer vision.

Increased Gas Mileage

Running the air conditioner obviously reduces your gas mileage. By blocking the sun and cooling the cabin, automotive window tints allow you to reduce your air conditioner use and get more mileage out of your tank.

That Luxury Look

Ultimately, tinted windows give a car some attitude and improve the overall style of the exterior.

24/7 Protection

Accidents can happen at any time. Even when you are being extra cautious, some other person can smash their car into yours. What do you do? You opt for a high-quality window tint that protects you in such an instant. When the windows shatter, the tint film does not allow the shards of glass from spreading, therefore protecting you from harm.

Are you still not convinced? Do you want to know more about auto window tinting in Colorado Springs and its practical benefits from experts? Well, don’t hesitate to contact Springs Detailing and talk to our team of professionals. We will make sure you are completely confident with our process before you spend a dollar.

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