In Addition to Our Detail Packages (Gold, Platinum, Diamond) our Paint Touch Up, Paint Correction, and Ceramic Coating, Springs Detailing offers many other services that can be helpful for those who want to restore their car to like new condition or protect it further.

Headlight Restoration

Yellow and faded headlights look terrible and are dangerous at night or in bad weather. Let us restore them for you. Starts at $35 per headlight, dependent on condition.

Wheel Repair

Scuffed and scratched wheels that have been run against a curb look terrible. New wheels are incredibly expensive. We can repair them and make them like new again! Repairs start at $125 a wheel.

Engine Cleaning

Whether your mechanic needs to identify a leak or you are looking to sell your older car to a private party – a cleaned, degreased engine compartment can make a huge difference. Get it cleaned today starting at only $50

Clear Bra

We have just started offering clear bra through Springs Detailing. If you have a new car and your plan to put a ceramic coat on the car, consider using us to put the clear bra on before we put the ceramic coating on and get it all done at once. Prices starting at $325 for front of hood and fenders and backs of mirrors.