This was one of the biggest projects we have ever done.  A 2007 Black Hummer H2 with terrible swirls and scratches all over.  Owner asked us to make it look “Perfect”.  Not sure we got to Perfect, but close to.

When the car came in it was dirty and needed a good wash.  Once it was washed, the terrible damage to the paint became apparent.

Terrible spider webs.

Really Bad Car Wash Scratches

We had about 30 man hours of cutting, buffing, polishing, and prepping the paint for Ceramic Pro.








The Hummer turned out absolutely beautiful.  Ceramic Pro Gold is:  4 coats 9H on paint, 1 Coat Light on Paint, 2 Coats Rain on Glass,  1 Coat Wheel and Caliper on Face of Wheels.

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