The picture below shows an area of a car with bad swirls and spiderwebs.   Proper paint correction on the right side has completely changed the paint’s appearance.

A lot of people think that getting a ceramic coat will make their car look perfect!  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  A ceramic coat makes your vehicle look extremely shiny and provides years of protection.  However, rather than hide scratches, it tends to accentuate or even magnify the flaws in the coat.  Proper paint correction is often much more important than the coat you choose.

Even on NEW cars, there are usually already light spider webs and swirls in the paint.  This past year we worked on 2 brand new BLACK Teslas that had already been “buffed” by a detailer before delivery to the customer.  In both cases, we had to do extensive paint correction to remove swirls and holograms put there by the previous detailers.  This was crucial to make sure that the customer had the most perfect finish possible before applying the ceramic coat.

At Spring Detailing, we are dark car experts.  We specialize in taking out scratches and have expertise in paint touch up and paint correction.  So no matter what kind of coat you choose for your vehicle, please come see us first and we will make sure to get your finish perfect before applying the ceramic coat.

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