New cars, especially dark cars, look absolutely BEAUTIFUL when they are first purchased.  And every time they get detailed well, by somebody who knows what they are doing (like Springs Detailing), and get fresh wax; they look good again for a little while.   But life happens.  Cars get dirty.  Bugs get in the paint and sit there.  In the summer, stuff that sits on the car will begin to bake into the paint.  In winter, Magnesium chloride, salt, and sand wreak havoc on auto paint.  Sprinkler systems cause hard water spots.

Here is a pretty complete list of things that cause damage to unprotected clearcoat on a car.

• Bird droppings
• Tar
• Insects
• Salt
• Wind
• Acid Rain
• Hail
• Tree sap
• Smog
• Colorado’s Magnesium Chloride (very bad for chrome trim especially)
• Ultraviolet rays

And then there’s the biggest culprit of all.  Car washes.  Car washes are brutal for the surface of dark cars especially straight black cars.  Over time they leave little scratches and swirls that slowly begin to eat away at the beauty of the clearcoat.   Before you know it, you’ve only owned a car a few years and the paint looks dull and swirly and you still have a car payment for 3 more years.

A ceramic coat (especially the good ones like Opti-Coat) is like having your car permanently polished and waxed, except even better.  Because a ceramic coat is up to 100 times thicker on the surface than wax and many,many times harder than the original clearcoat, it protects in a way that is a total game-changer.   Bird droppings and sap wash off with very little effort.  Little things on the road or your body rubbing against your car, these types of things that cause micro scratches have almost no effect on the finish.  Also, you can take your car through a car wash with no fear.  Car washes will cause very little or no scratches on the surface of the vehicle.

At Springs Detailing, we made a decision.  There are a lot of cheaper, less effective ceramic coats out there, but we decided to offer the best, top of the line, American-made product for ceramic coating by Opti-Coat.

The top of the line product is Opti-Coat Pro Plus.  This product comes with a 7 year manufacturer warranty!

The next product is the Opti-Coat Pro.  This is the perfect product if you have a nice vehicle but you don’t plan to own it forever.  It has a 5 year manufacturer warranty!

The next product is the Optimum Paint Guard.  This a great product is you have a short lease and you want your car to look good for the entirety of your lease.  It has a 3 year warranty.

Whatever product you choose to use, please call Springs Detailing and get scheduled today for a ceramic coat on your vehicle!

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